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Date & Time

ZipWhat CD Track am I on?MARK BARR11-22-95 13:23
ZipTerminate Running AppsSWAG SUPPORT GROUP11-22-95 13:25
ZipControl Font StylesSWAG SUPPORT GROUP11-22-95 13:25
ZipHow to copy files in DelphiSWAG SUPPORT GROUP11-22-95 13:25
ZipHow to match file date/time stampsSWAG SUPPORT GROUP11-22-95 13:25
ZipCurrency Edit componentROBERT VIVRETTE11-22-95 13:25
ZipHow to use a custom cursorSWAG SUPPORT GROUP11-22-95 13:25
ZipDelay Procedure in DelphiNIVALDO FERNANDES11-22-95 13:25
ZipSerial CommunicationMARK CROSS11-22-95 13:25
ZipDELPHI Does DOSERIC NIELSEN11-22-95 13:26
ZipDrag a formSWAG SUPPORT GROUP11-22-95 13:26
ZipResizing and dividing panelsDION KURCZEK11-22-95 13:26
ZipMaking the Enter key work like a TabSWAG SUPPORT GROUP11-22-95 13:26
ZipRestarting WindowsJ. STEPHEN SILBER11-22-95 13:26
ZipHow to keep the app iconizedSWAG SUPPORT GROUP11-22-95 13:27
ZipBringing an icon to the frontSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-22-95 13:27
ZipRead and Write on TMemoKIRIAKOS VLAHOS11-22-95 13:27
ZipIs Delphi Running?WADE TATMAN11-22-95 13:28
Zip'navigating' a TMemoSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-22-95 13:28
ZipAdd/Delete pages - tabbed notebookMARK JOHNSON11-22-95 13:28
ZipDelphi DDE LinkingKERRY PODOLSKY11-22-95 13:28
ZipAdd Controls to TTabbedNotebookMARK JOHNSON11-22-95 13:29
ZipGraphics in Your ListboxesSWAG SUPPORT GROUP11-22-95 13:29
ZipDisk volume labels in DelphiSWAG SUPPORT GROUP11-22-95 13:33
ZipGetting the Line number in a memo FieldSWAG SUPPORT GROUP11-22-95 13:33
ZipCapturing the Desktop to a formCRAIG FRANCISCO11-22-95 13:33
ZipFile Copying in DELPHIDAVID STIDOLPH11-22-95 15:49
ZipFile Manager Drag/DropMARK JOHNSON11-22-95 15:49
ZipTMemo Text LinesMARK JOHNSON11-22-95 15:49
ZipHow to move a 2D-array to a ImagePAUL SULLIVAN11-22-95 15:49
ZipLoop Processing in WindowsSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-22-95 15:49
ZipCopy files usings LZExpandSTEPHEN SILBER11-22-95 15:49
ZipUse LZ Compress in DELPHIBRUCE LAURENT LAIMER11-22-95 15:49
ZipControlling Form MaximizationBEN LICHT11-22-95 15:49
ZipUndo in a Memo fieldSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-22-95 15:49
ZipAdd a Bitmap to a MenuKURT CLAEYS11-22-95 15:49
ZipCanvas from THandle (for metafiles)RENE POST11-22-95 15:49
ZipAdding to Program ManagerSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-22-95 15:50
ZipQSort for DELPHIMIKE JUNKIN11-22-95 15:50
ZipSearching your application's help fileSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-22-95 15:50
ZipTSizer unit for DELPHI formsSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-22-95 15:50
ZipCustomizing the SlidebarsSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-22-95 15:50
ZipMoving to a tab by name on a TabSetSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-22-95 15:50
ZipDefinitive ODBC/Access 2.0 accessLANCE LEVERICH11-24-95 10:14
ZipDefinitive Assert in DelphiJAY COLE11-24-95 10:15
ZipDuplicate C function ATAN2 in DelphiVARIOUS AUTHORS11-24-95 10:15
ZipChange Foreground/Background ColorsSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-24-95 10:15
ZipRe: Clipboard and StreamsMARK JOHNSON11-24-95 10:15
ZipCopy a desktop window into your program'SWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-24-95 10:15
ZipDelphi Detecting CPU TypeRAY LISCHNER11-24-95 10:15
ZipDBGrid that shows imagesBILL RAIKE11-24-95 10:15
ZipTDBGrid Derivative exposes ColBRIAN MURRY11-24-95 10:15
ZipAccessing DOS Environment data from DelpCLAUDE PELLERIN11-24-95 10:15
ZipChecking for Drive ReadySWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-24-95 10:15
ZipExecuting a file from DelphiBEN LICHT11-24-95 10:15
ZipExpand a path to TOutlineNodeCHRISTIAN FEICHTNER11-24-95 10:15
ZipRe: Delphi Cut/PasteTHOMAS SCHEFFCZYK11-24-95 10:15
ZipHelpCommand and SoundN. FERNANDES11-24-95 10:15
ZipGetting rid of title barCLAUS ZIEGLER11-24-95 10:15
ZipResizable control at runtimeDAVID STIDOLPH11-24-95 10:16
ZipHorizontal Scrollbar in List boxRAILTON FRITH11-24-95 10:16
ZipExtracting Index Data from a TableSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-24-95 10:16
ZipRemove title bar in MDI child formANDY MCFARLAND11-24-95 10:16
ZipDirect access to a StreamDAVID STIDOLPH11-24-95 10:16
ZipNetwork Interface for DELPHIVARIOUS AUTHORS11-24-95 10:16
ZipWinG InterfaceERIC NIELSEN11-24-95 10:16
ZipSkewed Colors when stretching bitmapsSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-24-95 10:16
ZipIs Previous Instance running?MARCO CANTU11-24-95 10:16
ZipMultiple instance preventionANDERS OHLSSON11-24-95 10:16
ZipQuery By Form for DbGrid components in DRICK RUTT11-24-95 10:16
ZipReal mode in windowsLEOPOLDO SALDANHA11-24-95 10:16
ZipDelphi: How to do ScreensaverTHOMAS WOLF11-24-95 10:16
ZipRe: Delphi: ScrollingTHE NOMAD11-24-95 10:16
ZipSetBounds() in DELPHIMARK JOHNSON11-24-95 10:16
ZipString Pattern matchingDAVID STIDOLPH11-24-95 10:16
ZipAdd menu items to the System MenuSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-24-95 10:16
ZipENTER key instead of TABVARIOUS AUTHORS11-24-95 10:16
ZipIterate Fields of a TableSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-24-95 10:16
ZipUsing TStream/TWriter/TReaderMICHAEL VINCZE11-24-95 10:16
ZipUsing TStream/TWriteMARK JOHNSON11-24-95 10:16
ZipMore on using TStream/TFileStreamMARK JOHNSON11-24-95 10:16
ZipAnother Win-G Inteface for DELPHIVARIOUS AUTHORS11-24-95 10:17
ZipAllow word wrap in TStringGridLUIS DE LA ROSA11-24-95 10:17
ZipTArrowButtonKENT MILLER02-21-96 21:03
ZipRagged Paint Blotter like SK WindowsSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:03
ZipSmooth Paint Blotter like SK WindowsSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:03
ZipTDropButton Component - Drag/Drop ButtonIBOA02-21-96 21:03
ZipTPanel component that allows Drag/DropIBOA02-21-96 21:03
ZipSet printer options in DELPHIEMINENT DOMAIN SOFTWARE02-21-96 21:03
ZipExecute DELPHIJASPER STIL02-21-96 21:03
ZipMixed fonts in TMEMOBOB SWART02-21-96 21:03
ZipRe: MemVARIOUS02-21-96 21:04
ZipRecently Used Files ListROBERT MARSH02-21-96 21:04
ZipPlaying WAV FilesRICHARD SHOTBOLT02-21-96 21:04
ZipSizing of WIN95 TaskbarPETER JAGIELSKI02-21-96 21:04
ZipAutomatic sizing of WIN95 TaskbarTIM BAKER02-21-96 21:04
ZipRe: TMemo Help >> Setting MarginsRAY CRAMER02-21-96 21:04
ZipTraversing DIRS in DELPHIJAMES ALLISON02-21-96 21:04
ZipChange specific color cell in TStringGriMICHAEL VINCZE02-21-96 21:04
ZipGet a file's date and time stampSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipThe virtual key valuesSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipAssociate a string with a componentSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipClose a file opened from a Delphi DLL inSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipHow to use array of constSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipMaking your own hotkeysSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipScroll your form with pgUP and pgDnSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipHow to use a popup menu with a VBXSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipHow to set a max and min form sizeSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipGet the windows and DOS versionsSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipHow to tell what kind of drive is usedSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipHow to determine the current record numbSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipHow to automate logon for paradox tablesSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipLoading Bitmaps and Cursors from RES FilSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipSQL: Embedded Spaces in Field/Column NamSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipDynamically Allocating ArraysSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipResource Expert: What It Is and How to ISWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipDelphi Configuration FilesSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipBDE: Writing Buffer to DiskSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipCreating and Using Parameterized QueriesSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipWorking With Auto-increment Field TypesSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipHow to Populate a TDBComboBox Or TDBListSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipPreventing a Form from ResizingSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipCopy File RoutineSWAG SUPPORT TEAM02-21-96 21:04
ZipDelete Tree for DELPHIDUNCAN MCNIVEN02-21-96 21:04
ZipArray of ButtonsD.F. HARTLEY02-21-96 21:04
ZipDELPHI CGI routinesANN LYNNWORTH05-31-96 09:16
ZipCode for 256 color DIBSJOHN BIDDISCOMBE05-31-96 09:16
ZipDynamic Arrays like VBE.L. LAGERBURG05-31-96 09:16
ZipNumber of Days in a monthCARL STEINHILBER05-31-96 09:16
ZipHow to detect if disk existsDAVID BECKER05-31-96 09:16
ZipLED Paint UnitUDO JUERSS05-31-96 09:16
ZipMarquee Panel For DelphiUDO JUERSS05-31-96 09:16
ZipDetermining the Cursor Position in MemoRANDY L. HABEN05-31-96 09:16
ZipShellExecute in Delphi2/NTSTEVE TEIXEIRA05-31-96 09:17
ZipRe: Splitter ComponentR.VENKATESH05-31-96 09:17
ZipComponent simulates a Luffing SwitchUDO JUERSS05-31-96 09:17
ZipExample of dealing with Windows MessagesCRAIG WARD05-31-96 09:17
ZipRe: Delphi DDE Link with WP Win 6RUSSELL BELDING05-31-96 09:17
ZipChange color of specific cell in TStringMICHAEL VINCZE05-31-96 09:17
ZipSelectable Form without the main formSWAG SUPPORT TEAM05-31-96 09:17
ZipDirect Access I/O PortsSWAG SUPPORT TEAM05-31-96 09:20
ZipSearch window list for all Windows titleFERDINAND SOETHE08-30-96 09:35
ZipStatus Bar ComponentCRAIG WARD08-30-96 09:35
ZipManage Program IconsANDY COOPER08-30-96 09:35
ZipSend Tabs when Enter is pressedPIERRE MARMET08-30-96 09:35
ZipRe: System CommandsMICHAEL VINCZE08-30-96 09:35
ZipSetting properties of all componentsMICHAEL VINCZE08-30-96 09:35
ZipRe: Find the row/col in TMemo objectsJOHN ATKINS08-30-96 09:35
ZipExtended TIniFile ComponentFERDINAND SOETHE08-30-96 09:35
ZipRe: How do I get the Disk Serials?H.B. LANIER08-30-96 09:35
ZipRe: Popup Menus at runtimeDARREN CLARK08-30-96 09:35
ZipRe: That annoying Beep in TEditMARK VAUGHAN08-30-96 09:35
ZipRe: OLE Automation with EXCELSTEVE GINN08-30-96 09:35
ZipRe: TEdit and numbersRAY LISCHNER08-30-96 09:35
ZipExecute & Wait for Delphi 2.0SWAG SUPPORT TEAM08-30-96 09:35
ZipClick and drag in a TListbox?RICHARD HOWARD08-30-96 09:35
ZipString ParsingSWAG SUPPORT TEAM08-30-96 09:35
ZipPadding a numeric with zerosSWAG SUPPORT TEAM08-30-96 09:35
ZipNice Printer Control ObjectSWAG SUPPORT TEAM08-30-96 09:35
ZipPrint from WinWord with DDESWAG SUPPORT TEAM08-30-96 09:35
ZipDates for DelphiDENNIS PASSMORE08-30-96 09:35
ZipAdjust the speaker volume in codeSWAG SUPPORT TEAM08-30-96 09:35
ZipDouble Linked ListsJEFF ATWOOD08-30-96 09:35
ZipDetect whether a drive exists or not?VARIOUS08-30-96 09:35
ZipNice Handling of Keyboard keysSWAG SUPPORT TEAM08-30-96 09:35
ZipIcon on the notify area of the taskbarSWAG SUPPORT TEAM08-30-96 09:35
ZipUnixTimeDate Conversion (Delphi)ANDREW JAKOBS08-30-96 09:35
ZipIndespensible Components for DELPHISTEFAN BöTHER08-30-96 09:35
ZipInterface into the wizunzip dllMICHAEL SLACK08-30-96 09:35
ZipAn Improved StringGrid ComponentHARM V. ZOEST08-30-96 09:36
ZipComponent to give access to ApplicationSWAG SUPPORT TEAM08-30-96 09:36
ZipTabbed List Box ComponentSWAG SUPPORT TEAM08-30-96 09:36
ZipOnly One Instance Component For DelphiGARY NIELSEN08-30-96 09:36
ZipFloating toolbar with no title barANDERS OHLSSON08-30-96 09:36
ZipDelphi 2.0 Execute & Wait RoutineFRANCIS PARLANT08-30-96 09:36
ZipSome general methods to control WindowsHARM VAN ZOEST08-30-96 09:36
ZipGIF Image ComponentRICHARD SHOTBOLT08-30-96 09:36
ZipScan disks for filesDAVE ROWLANDS11-29-96 08:17
ZipCompensating for different screen resoluDAVID NOVAK11-29-96 08:17
ZipHook into the WINCRT unitA.A. OLOWOFOYEKU11-29-96 08:17
ZipDelete files to recyle binJOHN RUZICKA11-29-96 08:17
ZipCom ports in Delphi 2.0KEITH ANDERSON11-29-96 08:17
ZipSize form to fit WIN95 client areaPETER M. JAGIELSKI11-29-96 08:17
ZipNavigating a Multiselected ListboxSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-29-96 08:17
ZipMaking Your Delphi 2.0 Applications "SinSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-29-96 08:17
ZipRe: Getting an environmentMIKE CARIOTOGLOU11-29-96 08:17
ZipComponent to display while waitingMARTIJN TONIES11-29-96 08:17
ZipCollection Classes for DELPHI 2.0ALIN FLAIDER11-29-96 08:17
ZipA Drives handling unitSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-29-96 08:17
ZipNew Styles in COMCTL32.DLLCOLIN WILSON11-29-96 08:17
ZipExtracting ICONS from DLLSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-29-96 08:17
ZipPanel with moving Star backgroundMICHAEL WILCOX11-29-96 08:17
ZipMaking your Delphi apps show minimizedSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-29-96 08:17
ZipCreating a Wallpaper Using DelphiSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-29-96 08:17
ZipDynamic creation and circularly linkingSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-29-96 08:17
ZipA Better Way To Print a FormSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-29-96 08:17
ZipCreating a DataAware Control for BrowsinSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-29-96 08:17
ZipCreate a new file with the .wav extensioSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-29-96 08:17
ZipUsing MS Internet Explorer 3.0 in DelphiSWAG SUPPORT TEAM11-29-96 08:17
ZipDelphi Components WritingJOHN M. MIANO11-29-96 08:17
ZipAdding a Stringlist to a Combo BoxMARK BRACEY11-29-96 08:17
ZipExtract WIN95 animated CursorsAVONTURE CHRISTOPHE11-29-96 08:17
ZipComponents: NewSpeedbuttonAVONTURE CHRISTOPHE11-29-96 08:17
ZipAnimated Cursors???SWAG SUPPORT TEAM03-04-97 13:18
ZipParse CommandlineSWAG SUPPORT TEAM03-04-97 13:18
ZipChecking a string in a Combo BoxSWAG SUPPORT TEAM03-04-97 13:18
ZipRe: Calculating Credit CardsKEITH ANDERSON03-04-97 13:18
ZipAdding fields at run-timeR.F.P. VAN RIET03-04-97 13:18
ZipChecking Disk in DriveAHTO TANNER03-04-97 13:18
ZipDrag'n'Drop from Delphi to Win ExplorerKANCA 03-04-97 13:18
ZipDetermine Easter DateMARK LUSSIER03-04-97 13:18
ZipCalling Internet ExplorerSWAG SUPPORT TEAM03-04-97 13:18
ZipRe: Array IndexesPAUL SOBOLIK03-04-97 13:18
ZipRe: tMemo co-ordinatesR.F.P. VAN RIET03-04-97 13:18
ZipFind the Network UsernameTOBIN FRICKE03-04-97 13:18
ZipDirect write to network printerPETER VAN LONKHUYZEN03-04-97 13:18
ZipCalling Netscape NavigatorSWAG SUPPORT TEAM03-04-97 13:18
ZipExecute a program to link to another proLUDOVIC CHARRE03-04-97 13:18
ZipReading/Writing Ports in DELPHISWAG SUPPORT TEAM03-04-97 13:18
ZipRe: Find previous instanceMIKE SHANE03-04-97 13:18
ZipRAS API Function CallsSWAG SUPPORT TEAM03-04-97 13:18
ZipRe: Add most recent files to menuPAUL SOBOLIK03-04-97 13:18
ZipRe: Registry EditingMARK OGIER03-04-97 13:18
ZipRegistry - Add/Change SettingSWAG SUPPORT TEAM03-04-97 13:18
ZiptRichButton ComponentGARRET WILSON03-04-97 13:18
ZipRe: Rotating TextDAVID S. BECKER03-04-97 13:18
ZipRe: IShellLink ExampleRADEK VOLTR03-04-97 13:18
ZipReversing ShortStrings RevisitedPAUL SOBOLIK03-04-97 13:18
ZipRe: StretchBlt with D2MIKE SHANE03-04-97 13:18
ZipRe: RTF -> plain textPAUL SOBOLIK03-04-97 13:18
ZipVK_ ConstantsKEITH ANDERSON03-04-97 13:18
ZipChanging WallpaperSWAG SUPPORT GROUP03-04-97 13:18
ZipFLI ScreenSave for Delphi 1.0TOMMY ANDERSEN03-04-97 13:19
ZipToolbar Registering ExampleBRANDON SNEED03-05-97 06:02
ZipLimit application's instances to just onSTEVEN L. KEYSER05-30-97 18:16
ZipBackgrounds on Delphi formsCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipDynamically calling functions in DLLsCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipConvert your colors to hex stringsCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipLars KoudalCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipRegister OLE componentsVEIKKO05-30-97 18:17
ZipD1 and printing without QuickReportMARIA KARLSSON05-30-97 18:17
ZipObtaining TCP/IP address of a PCLEONARDO HUMBERTO LIPORATI05-30-97 18:17
ZipDetect Windows System VersionLEONARDO HUMBERTO LIPORATI05-30-97 18:17
ZipHow to create a console mode programCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipSave/Retrieve Fontstyle/Fontcolor in INIJENS SCHUMANN05-30-97 18:17
ZipVolume and the serial number of a harddiPAUL SOBOLIK05-30-97 18:17
ZipList all files on disk in DELPHIMIHAEL KUKEC05-30-97 18:17
ZipDynamically change your DNS addressCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipWindows directoryVARIOUS05-30-97 18:17
ZipRe: GetVolumeInformation parametersDANIEL J. WOJCIK05-30-97 18:17
ZipDelete files with the ability to undo orCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipSplash ScreensDANIEL J. WOJCIK05-30-97 18:17
ZipTransparent Form - solutionKOVACS LASZLO05-30-97 18:17
ZipCreating a function with multiple argsCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipDates unit for DELPHIMITCHELL PEEK05-30-97 18:17
ZipWhen was that file last accessed?CHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipHow to get current Network user nameCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipList of all network drive mappingsCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipLog offCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipCheck if string exists in String ListCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipGlobal exception handlerCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipProgrammatically run programs on WindowsCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipSetting Windows wallpaper revisitedCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipChange NETSCAPE preferences programaticaCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipYour own "runtime" object inspectorCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipView your code in assemblyCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipGlobal Message handlerCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
Zipvk_numlock TipRICK WHEAT05-30-97 18:17
ZipLCDControl for Delphi 2.0MATTHEW CSULIK05-30-97 18:17
ZiptToolButton Control for DelphiMATTHEW CSULIK05-30-97 18:17
ZipMulticolors in stringgridTONY POPIEL05-30-97 18:17
ZipHow to customize column names in DBGrid?JENS SCHUMANN05-30-97 18:17
ZipRe: Windows APIsKEITH ANDERSON05-30-97 18:17
ZipComplete listing of BDE ErrorsSWAG SUPPORT TEAM05-30-97 18:17
ZipNice implementation of a DELPHI CalculatSWAG SUPPORT TEAM05-30-97 18:17
ZipReal Containers for tObject descendantsROBERT DAIGNAULT05-30-97 18:17
ZipEverthing about using DragDrop with DELPSWAG SUPPORT TEAM05-30-97 18:17
ZipTHashtable unit for DELPHI 1.0KKTOS05-30-97 18:17
ZipExtended compressed Bitmap objectHERBERT BEEMSTER05-30-97 18:17
ZipAdd wallpaper to client area of a MDI foSWAG SUPPORT TEAM05-30-97 18:17
ZipComponent wraps the Win95 PageSetupDlg cBRAD STOWERS05-30-97 18:17
ZipReplacement for QuickReport's Preview FoANGUS JOHNSON05-30-97 18:17
ZipCompression Component with LZH & LZRW1/KDANNY HEIJL05-30-97 18:17
ZipLook for and handle command line parametCHAMI05-30-97 18:17
ZipCalculating Credit CardsSCOTT KANE05-30-97 18:17
ZipDrag And DropGAVIN CARTER05-30-97 18:17
ZipDealing with the RegistryCARLOS SOLA-LLONCH05-30-97 18:17
ZipBitmap on your menu itemCHAMI05-30-97 18:23
ZipExecute a MS-DOS program in DelphiKEITH ANDERSON05-30-97 18:23
ZipGetting the date and time stamp of a datJOHN RUTHERFORD08-30-97 10:08
Zipstream for a buffered line by line accesMARTIN WALDENBURG08-30-97 10:08
ZipMessageDlg--Changing fontDAVID WELSH08-30-97 10:08
ZipConvert Long File name to a 8.3 structurANDRE V.D MERWE08-30-97 10:08
ZipHow to disable Start menuCHANDRAMDE@USA.NET08-30-97 10:08
ZipChange Default PrinterSWAG SUPPORT TEAM08-30-97 10:08
ZipTEdit Component with ChgPos PropertySWAG SUPPORT TEAM08-30-97 10:08
ZipVERY Fast Text Sort ExampleMARTIN WALDENBURG08-30-97 10:08
ZipMiscellaneous Routines to enhance your 3ESB CONSULTANCY08-30-97 10:08
Zipa define to check for Delphi 1STEFANO VITTI08-30-97 10:08
ZipAVI PlayerANDREA MOLINO08-30-97 10:08
ZipCRT32FRANK ZIMMER08-30-97 10:08
ZipRe: D1: Printer ResolutionSTEPHEN POSEY08-30-97 10:08
ZipFile Locking with DelphiDANIEL MALTAROLLI08-30-97 10:08
ZipPrint direct to printerJAVIER CELUCE08-30-97 10:08
ZipByte SwappingSWAG SUPPORT TEAM08-30-97 10:08
ZipHash Table algorithm for DelphiKKTOS@SIRIUS.FR08-30-97 10:08
ZipReplace QuickReport's Preview FormANGUS JOHNSON08-30-97 10:08
ZipWin95 PageSetupDlg common dialog API funBRAD STOWERS08-30-97 10:08
ZipCheck for Previous instanceSIMON CARTER08-30-97 10:08
ZipFast case insensitive search engineMARTIN WALDENBURG08-30-97 10:08
ZipTTokenList is a general tokenizerMARTIN WALDENBURG08-30-97 10:08
ZipMergesort double and single linked listsMARTIN WALDENBURG08-30-97 10:08
ZipEffective case insensitive "Pos" functioMARTIN WALDENBURG08-30-97 10:08
ZipFast case insensitive search engineMARTIN WALDENBURG08-30-97 10:08
ZipCenter Windows on DesktopCHRIS MULCAHY08-30-97 10:09
ZipCopy an entire DirectoryANDRE HEINO ARTUS08-30-97 10:09
ZipRe: EmptyTable Generic procedureHUTTEMAN 08-30-97 10:09
ZipDivide a file in to many 1440 Kb volumesCAMERON COLE08-30-97 10:09
ZipGet Long Files namesANGUS JOHNSON08-30-97 10:09
ZipHiding the taskbarHUMBERTO LUIZ RAZENTE08-30-97 10:09
ZipMulti-line Caption TButtonEDDIE SHIPMAN08-30-97 10:09
ZipRe: Reading INI FilesJENS SCHUMANN08-30-97 10:09
ZipWin95 Registry CallsGENTLEMAN JERSEY DAN08-30-97 10:09
ZipTEdit Component with Alignment propertyBOB SWART08-30-97 10:09
Zip[D2]-Single Instance of ApplicationMARC BATCHELOR08-30-97 10:09
ZipTXT to RTF formatROBERT CRAM 08-30-97 10:09
ZipTMemo Component with ChgPos PropertySWAG SUPPORT TEAM08-30-97 10:09
ZipNice Various Button ComponentsENDRE I. SIMAY08-30-97 10:09
ZipScrollable Label ComponentENDRE I. SIMAY08-30-97 10:09
ZipShadowed Label ComponentENDRE I. SIMAY08-30-97 10:09
ZipAn interface to the IDE's text bufferMARTIN WALDENBURG08-30-97 10:09
ZipBuffered access to lines of fileMARTIN WALDENBURG08-30-97 10:09
ZipButtonsPA VAN LONKHUYZEN08-30-97 10:09
ZipBmpToGifJOHN THE GREAT08-30-97 10:09
ZipDesign-time testing of CommonDialog compBRAD STOWERS08-30-97 10:09
ZipEncryptANATOLY PODGORETSKY08-30-97 10:09
ZipRe: Search the Hard DiskJENS SCHUMANN08-30-97 10:21
ZipSaving Richedit as tBlobStreamMIKE BARDILL01-02-98 07:33
ZipWord Count in RicheditKSUDAR@EROLS.COM01-02-98 07:33
ZipPrinting with RicheditJAMES BACUS01-02-98 07:33
Ziptranslate RTF to HTMLJOHAN@LINDGREN.PP.SE01-02-98 07:33
ZipColor Selection optionsSWAG SUPPORT TEAM01-02-98 07:33
ZipDealing with the Wave APISWAG SUPPORT TEAM01-02-98 07:33
ZipEquivalent of Trim$()BOB SWART01-02-98 07:33
ZipEquivalent of Trim$()JOSEPH BUI01-02-98 07:33
ZipString Pattern matchingDAVID STIDOLPH01-02-98 07:33
ZipGetTokenTHOMAS SCHEFFCZYK01-02-98 07:33
ZipReplacing substringsMICHAEL BIALAS01-02-98 07:33
ZipCapitalize the first letter of each wordVARIOUS01-02-98 07:33
ZipDetermine if two strings sound alike?LLOYD'S HELPFILE01-02-98 07:33
ZipDelphi CGI unitANN LYNNWORTH01-02-98 07:33
ZipCGI handler with demoSWAG SUPPORT TEAM01-02-98 07:33
ZipInterface to MS crtdll.dll 'c' runtime lMASSIMO MARIA GHISALBERTI01-02-98 07:33
ZipPas to Rtf converterMARTIN WALDENBURG01-02-98 07:33
ZipNon-square window (how about a round oneMIKE RYAN01-02-98 07:33
ZipSuppressing Scroll BarJEAN DUFRANNE01-02-98 07:33
ZipD3 : How to copy text from TMemo to BlobCHRIS CUMMINGS01-02-98 07:33
ZipBackground (wallpaper) on a formDUSTIN CALDWELL01-02-98 07:33
ZipPath from AliasVINCENT CROQUETTE01-02-98 07:33
ZipPrint any TDBGridMIKE KELLY01-02-98 07:33
ZipSchuurmanA01-02-98 07:33
ZipBuilding a delay into a DLLSIMON CARTER01-02-98 07:33
ZipGetting File SizeCRAUG FRENCHM01-02-98 07:33
ZipDirectory Tree to MenuVINCENT CROQUETTE01-02-98 07:33
ZipRe: copyfileMIS3@AVON.HINDIN.CO.NZ01-02-98 07:33
ZipDial Up NetworkingSLAWOMIR SWIDER01-02-98 07:33
ZipKnow if there is a disk inserted?JUAN MANUEL MORENO01-02-98 07:33
ZipHow to get disk serial number?ERIC ENGLER01-02-98 07:33
ZipHow to get username ?PAVEL CISAR01-02-98 07:33
ZipTPanel w/colored bevelsEDDIE SHIPMAN01-02-98 07:33
ZipIntercepting Ctrl-Alt-DelALAN VERCAUTEREN01-02-98 07:33
ZipDetect Delphi Running?EDDIE SHIPMAN01-02-98 07:33
ZipConverting Degrees to RadiansSTEPHEN POSEY01-02-98 07:33
ZipD2 Stopping ScreensaversAHTO TANNER01-02-98 07:33
ZipNon flickering Label ComponentJON GILKISON01-02-98 07:33
ZipShortcut in codeTHANH QUACH01-02-98 07:34
ZipDragging component at run-timeTHANH QUACH01-02-98 07:34
ZipRotated Text on BitmapsTUAN DINH01-02-98 07:34
ZipObject CaptionRORY DAULTON01-02-98 07:34
ZipChange the StringGrid's CELL color ?EDDIE SHIPMAN01-02-98 07:34
ZipDelphi 3: EWin32APIErrorBRIAN COOK01-02-98 07:34
ZipRe: intercepting Ctrl-Alt-DelBIFF01-02-98 07:34
ZipD3 : Date ManipulationSHIV R. KUMAR01-02-98 07:34
ZipMaximize application without covering thOZZ NIXON01-02-98 07:34
ZipConnect to Access DatabaseRORY DAULTON01-02-98 07:34
ZipRe: details of a tableBRUCE HEARDER01-02-98 07:34
ZipRE: Get Network UsernameVINCENT CROQUETTE01-02-98 07:34
ZipSerial port ListROBERT PENZ01-02-98 07:34
ZipCreateProcess. Executing another programDANIEL J. WOJCIK01-02-98 07:34
ZipTEdit component with LeftEDDIE SHIPMAN01-02-98 07:34
ZipAlways on TopTODD JACOBS01-02-98 07:34
ZipREALLY transparent TGroupBox?EDDIE SHIPMAN01-02-98 07:34
ZipRotating textoutSEAN MATHEWS01-02-98 07:34
ZipNovell and Win95SHIV R. KUMAR01-02-98 07:34
ZipCredit Card VerificationRON LOEWY01-02-98 07:34
ZipConversion of the ActiveScript headerBRIAN DUPRAS01-02-98 07:34
ZipDynamically changing TCP/IP DNS addresseSWAG SUPPORT TEAM01-02-98 07:34
ZipCalling CreateProcess() the easy waySWAG SUPPORT TEAM01-02-98 07:34
ZipNo Screensaver Please!SWAG SUPPORT TEAM01-02-98 07:34
ZipList all the network drive mappingsSWAG SUPPORT TEAM01-02-98 07:34
ZipClass to read the DOS Environment variabSWAG SUPPORT TEAM01-02-98 07:34
ZipClass to handle CGI POST QueryDAVE WEDWICK01-02-98 07:34
ZipIs Delphi running ??LANNY GRIM01-02-98 07:34
ZipStatusBar able to hold controlsTANGENTALS DESIGN01-02-98 07:34
ZipCalculating Credit CardsMARK WLADIKA01-02-98 07:34
Zip3D border for label component?MARK PRITCHARD01-02-98 07:34
ZipImplement a clipboard viewerERIK SPERLING JOHANSEN01-02-98 07:34
ZipShutting down a Delphi appWES JONES01-02-98 07:34
Ziparray of components...LODE DELEU01-02-98 07:34
Zipgetting the component index at runtimeBRAD AISA01-02-98 07:34
ZipCreating a Control Panel AppletJOHN BATES01-02-98 07:34
ZipA Dbgrid with colored cells ?ED HILLMANN01-02-98 07:34
ZipDBGrid that shows imagesBILL RAIKE01-02-98 07:34
ZipAllowing Query By Form for DbGrid componRICK RUTT01-02-98 07:34
ZipWindows API about PrinterRHONDA CROWDER01-02-98 07:34
ZipComponents in a DBGridVARIOUS01-02-98 07:34
ZipDelayed scrolling / delayed OnChange?ERIK SPERLING JOHANSEN01-02-98 07:34
ZipUsing Audio Volume Control APISWAG SUPPORT TEAM01-02-98 07:34
ZipSave total font setting in RegistryRAY LISCHNER01-02-98 07:34
ZipUsing the Multi Select option of a DBGRIMIKE TANCSA01-02-98 07:34
ZipCatch-a-Maximize CommandCHAMI01-02-98 07:34
ZipSorting Columns in a DBGridROBERT VIVRETTE01-02-98 07:34
ZipStore Fontstyle in INIJXIDUS01-02-98 07:34
ZipConversion from ICO to BMPMICHAEL VINCZE01-02-98 07:34
ZipRestore a window to its last state whenSWAG SUPPORT TEAM01-02-98 07:34
ZipShared memory in a DLL with Delphi 2.0JOHN CRANE01-02-98 07:34
ZipShell_NotifyIcon in DELPHINEIL CLAYTON01-02-98 07:34
ZipMake completely invisible main forms??CHRIS RANDALL01-02-98 07:34
ZipSTAY-ON-TOP !!!JAMES D. ROFKAR01-02-98 07:34
ZipHardware port access in DELPHI 2SWAG SUPPORT TEAM01-02-98 07:34
ZipHiding Windows 95 TaskbarJAMES D. ROFKAR01-02-98 07:34
ZipChange the wallpaper programmatically?VARIOUS01-02-98 07:34
ZipPath/directory name for 'My Computer'CHRISTIAN PIENE GUNDERSEN01-02-98 07:34
ZipDetermining which font (Large or Small)GREG PETERSON01-02-98 07:34
ZipSetting time system with DelphiABEL DU PLESSIS01-02-98 07:34
ZipHelpful Hint: Listbox-FontNORBERT HARTKAMP01-02-98 07:34
ZipHow to get a registered OCX?SWAG SUPPORT TEAM01-02-98 07:34
ZipTTreeview-speedupHAAKON EINES01-02-98 07:34
ZipSaving and Loading aTstringgridERIC LAWRENCE01-02-98 07:35
ZipHow to print a bitmap?SWAG SUPPORT TEAM01-02-98 07:35
ZipUnix strings (reading and Writing Unix FJOHN M. MIANO01-02-98 07:35
ZipHelp on Printer Control CodesDAVID BLOCK01-02-98 07:35
ZipHow to get Paper Source?JOE C. HECHT01-02-98 07:35
ZipPrint VERTICAL oriented text in DelphiPETER SZYMICZEK01-02-98 07:35
ZipPrinting sideways text...JUKKA PALOMäKI01-02-98 07:35
ZipDelphi Printing TricksROBERT GILLAND01-02-98 07:35
ZipStretched bitmap on TPrinterALEXANDER WERNHART01-02-98 07:35
ZipRegistry-- Accessing itMARK GOODRICH01-02-98 07:35
ZipFido Adressing Unit for D2OZZ NIXON JR01-02-98 07:35
ZipFido Mail Unit for D2OZZ NIXON JR01-02-98 07:35
ZipJam Mail Unit D2OZZ NIXON JR01-02-98 07:35
ZipExcellent Strings Unit for D2OZZ NIXON JR01-02-98 07:35
ZipFile handling Unit for D2OZZ NIXON JR01-02-98 07:35
ZipFunctions to Get & Set FileDateTimesANGUS JOHNSON01-02-98 07:35
ZipRAS (Remote Access) API header for DelphDAVIDE MORETTI01-02-98 07:35
ZipRS-232 unit for DelphiJESPER KLEIS01-02-98 07:35
ZipHandling Massive NumbersJES RAHBEK KLINKE01-02-98 07:35
ZipRegular expression searching for DelphiNEIL BUTTERWORTH01-02-98 07:35
ZipComponent with LZH and LZRW1/KH compressDANNY HEIJL01-02-98 07:35
ZipFile I/O using Win32NEIL BUTTERWORTH01-02-98 07:35
ZipComponent for tiled backgrounds on MIDIMARTIJN TONIES01-02-98 07:35

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