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Date & Time

ZipIntroduction into turtlesZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 12:39
ZipSumary for 25 rekusive picturesZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 19:59
ZipShnee flake drawed with rekusionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:00
ZipGeneral shnee flake versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:01
ZipGeneral version for shnee flake insideZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:02
ZipSquard effekt with rekusion and flakeZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:04
ZipSquard effekt with rekusion insideZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:05
ZipGeneral version of squard effekt insideZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:11
ZipGeneral version of squard effekt outsideZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:12
ZipSpiralsZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:13
ZipGeneral version of spiralsZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:13
ZipGeneral version of spirals colorsortedZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:14
ZipTriangle in circle no rekusion versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:17
ZipTriangle in circle rekusion versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:18
ZipSquard in circle norekusion versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:20
ZipSquard in circle rekusion versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:22
ZipN-angle in circle norekusion versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:23
ZipN-angle in circle rekusion versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:23
ZipTrees (no petals)ZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:24
ZipTrees with petalsZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:25
ZipSquards in squard norekusion versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:26
ZipSquards in squard rekusive versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:27
ZipTriangles in triangle norekusion versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:28
ZipTiangles in triangle rekusive versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:29
ZipN-angles in N-angle norekusion versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:30
ZipN-angles in N-angle rekusive versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:31
ZipMcCarthy 91 rekusion with turtlesZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-15-97 20:32
ZipSumary for 15 turtle picturesZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:03
ZipCircle anomalsZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:04
ZipAnomals circle definition - backsetZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:05
ZipThe anomals for spiralsZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:06
ZipRegular n-angleZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:06
ZipN-angle + examplesZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:07
ZipTenis ballZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:08
ZipTurtle rotations with objectsZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:09
ZipThe anomals with treepetalZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:10
ZipFlower with turtleZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:11
ZipFlower with anomalsZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:12
ZipAverange of two turtle traectorisZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:13
ZipThe turtle's sunZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:14
ZipHoneycomb version 1ZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:15
ZipHoneycomb version 2ZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:16
ZipFlower sign 1ZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-16-97 18:16
ZipSumary for 6 pictures with mouseZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 14:59
ZipTurtle running the mouse version 1ZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 15:00
ZipTurtle running the mouse version 2ZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 15:01
ZipTurtle runing the mouse line version 1ZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 15:02
ZipTurtle overdraw with coordinate systemZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 15:03
ZipWhere you turn, there turtle draw circleZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 15:06
ZipWhere is turtle and mouse turnZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 15:07
ZipSumary for 5 lotturtles picturesZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 15:11
ZipDraw circles !ZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 15:12
ZipAll turtles draw circles onceZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 15:29
ZipRaptile turtles !!!ZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 15:30
ZipOscilate the turtles!ZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 15:32
ZipMove turtles!ZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 15:33
ZipSumary for 8 graph's picturesZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 17:16
ZipDraw cartezian's coordinate systemZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 17:17
ZipPoints in coordinate systemZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 17:18
ZipDraw point if you turn mouseZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 17:20
ZipLine in direction versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 17:20
ZipLine in general direction versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 17:22
ZipLine in general equation versionZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 17:22
ZipParametrical express of lineZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 17:23
ZipGeneral version 1 for drawing graphsZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 17:25
ZipUnit - turtle stackZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 21:03
ZipUnit - turtle stack for beginersZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 21:04
ZipUnit - dynamical stack unitZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 21:05
ZipUnit - turtle mouse version 1ZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 21:06
ZipUnit - turtle graphic untype file readerZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 21:07
ZipUnit - turtle graphic with untype filesZAHORANSKY VLADIMIR02-26-97 21:08

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